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Public Health

Learn how to become independent

Goals of the program

  • Ensure that Persons with Disabilities (PWD) are equipped and educated with tools they need to be self-advocates in education and employment.
  • We provide strategies on transitioning from secondary education to postsecondary education and/or employment (workforce)
  • Uphold high standards in accountability to educate employers, schools, and communities on the importance of accessibility for PWDs so they will not be discriminated against in education and employment that would otherwise affect their current or future health and quality of life.

Services Provided by Public health Program

  • Education
    • Conduct presentations about the Public Health Program for community partners, agencies, and/or public & private schools in RGV Counties Hidalgo, Cameron, Starr, & Willacy.
    • Conduct Guest Lectures at higher education institutions on topics Person 1st Language, Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504, IDEA Legislations, How Documentation is Vital in Helping Professions and many more.
    • Participate in Panel discussions to provide testimony on accessibility and education.
  • Outreach
    • We share information on VAIL services at community events in Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Counties Hidalgo, Cameron, Starr, & Willacy Counties such as school transition fairs, Job Fairs, Career Expo, and Public Health Fairs.
  • Advocacy & Accessibility Tips Toolkit
    • The Public Healthcare Program at VAIL will develop toolkits entailing 4 components:
      • Strategies for Students with Disabilities (SWD) to utilize in Transitioning to Postsecondary
      • Strategies for Special Education Teachers to utilize in assisting SWD transition smoothly,
        effectively, and efficiently to postsecondary and/or workforce after secondary school
        (high school)
      • Importance of agencies and employers in RGV to not discriminate against employees
        who have disabilities.
      • How Preschools and Daycares can collaborate with helping professions such as speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, early interventionists, physical therapists, and other helping professions who work with young children that have a disability and/or disabilities in assuring they have access to services needed in preschool community